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DISH was started by Maria D'Ambrogi. As the youngest of 4 with very social parents & a big family that always entertained it is simply in her blood.

As a child, Maria followed her Italian Grandfather, PaPa, around their super small kitchen as he sang Opera while cooking some of the most magnificent feasts. He never looked at a recipe, PaPa just had a genuine love & gift of food. And MomMom taught her the baking side with all her scrumptious desserts or homemade candies. 

On Maria's Mom's Irish side she was lucky enough to get the "EVERYONE'S WELCOME" part. The Corrigan's never turned anyone away. No matter how many friends my mom or her 5 siblings brought home, Cleta & Pop would always make them feel at home & give them a wonderful meal.

From Charles St. Ave, Clearspring or Anneslie Rd. every gathering was centered around the kitchen. Cooking, laughing, telling stories, making memories.